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    Karaoke for the Holidays


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    Karaoke for the Holidays Empty Karaoke for the Holidays

    Post by Stifler on Wed May 12, 2010 4:08 am

    The holidays have well and truly started, so it's time to go on our favorite activity - karaoke! Yay! With any luck, they might have updated their songs....Maybe.

    To see what songs were added you can check out this website:

    I'm guessing that by now, most people would know of the DAM main website where you can search for individual songs, but just in case, here it is again:

    As usual, all the song lyrics are in Japanese, unless you like to sing English songs like myself. So, do bring your lyrics or laptops if you are unable to read Japanese. Or just plain memorize.

    Prices are $30 for the first 3 persons, and an additional $5 for any additional person. It would be for 3 hours, but with any luck, we might be able to extend for free, so hope for that.We have been able to sing for nearly 9 to 10 hours before because no one chased us out.

    I'll book the a room for Cappage Plaza, on the 18th, at 1.30 pm. Check out the respective Facebook page too. I'll try to keep these two pages as synced as possible. XD

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