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    Anime Screening Event


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    Anime Screening Event

    Post by Kageshiro on Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:51 am

    I wanted to suggest that we do a theme based screening of anime. So each event day/week we screen a few movies/episodes from a series connected to that theme.

    First we come up with a list of animes/movies for each catergory, then form a poll for it. E.g. Mecha/Mahou Shoujo/Sports/Scifi/Ghibli n other artistic films/romance/horror/mystery/comedy/action/fighting to showcase the variety of anime available.

    My view of trying to promote anime is that we want ppl to know that it is not just another cartoon, it is not just naruto/bleach/one piece and mindless fighting but that it has a wide variety of things to offer with good storylines and IS a CULTURE in itself.

    Although i know the budget probably won't allow us to hold all that many screening, we would request that if anyone has any anime/movies (has to be "original" sadly) to please allow us to use it for the event if possible.

    I would like to suggest a system by which ppl would be encouraged to come back to watch the animes on the other dates. Something like a $2 ticket entry but a package deal of $5 for an event ticket that lets them watch all the series we screen. it would encourage them to watch minimum 3 shows to make it worth it.
    Alternatively, for 1 time ticket buyers, we can make it such that if they bring back the ticket (maybe we tear it a bit afer the first show) they can get a discount on the 2nd show...$2. A buy one get the 2nd show half price kind of deal. But this way it would encourage ppl to come back and not just watch one show. I don't know the cost for renting the viewing location so i'm not sure what would be a suitable pricing scheme. $3 $8 and $1.50? and maybe 4 or 5 movie viewings? $8 to watch 5 full length movies might seems quite a good offer to some ppl?

    Pls post your comments so we can get started on confirming a movie viewing list. I'm not sure how many ppl were able to make it to the sept 16th meeting.

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    Re: Anime Screening Event

    Post by Stifler on Thu Sep 17, 2009 4:20 pm

    Good idea there, Kageshiro! I like it.

    I can provide some DVDs for the "horror" theme. I currently have Elfen Lied and Kakurenbo, so they would come in handy for screens like that.

    For romance, I can provide the entire series of NANA.

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