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    Post by Gestaltgeek on Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:15 pm

    Those of you who've been over to my house for EOY preparation have already seen my sizeable collection of anime opening videos. I'm intending to expand the playlist such that it is truly an all encompassing kaleidoscope of anime over the years. We can then use the playlist for future club promotional purposes. But everybody's sphere of anime viewing is limited, no one can claim to watch everything. But with our combined powers I'm sure we cover a sizeable cross section of anime viewing, I'm hoping to cull material from this thread to add to the collection.

    Hence I'm creating this general Anime opening video thread for you all to discuss anything and everything about anime openings. After all anime openings are an interting part of anime culture, very different to other country's approach to creating openings.

    So share and recommend away anime openings you like over here.

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    Anime Opening Videos Empty Re: Anime Opening Videos

    Post by Kageshiro on Mon Dec 28, 2009 6:30 pm how should we go abt this? genre? year? alphabetical order...just interesting ones...i dun actually download that many of the opening vid myself so i'm afraid i dun exactly have any to contribute at this point of time, you probably already have most of what i've watched anyways.

    wonder if insert songs/performances count as well...

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