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    How to make VAS forum a better place



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    How to make VAS forum a better place

    Post by ZeroG on Mon Dec 29, 2008 2:19 pm

    it took me 1 month realise the existence of this forum. LOL, sorry sorry.

    Anycase, dun you think it's pretty sad for a forum to be this quiet? like 1month from opening and only 16 registered users? Haha, VAS forum need more publication!

    First and foremost. I think this forum need more topics catagory. At once glance... only 8?!? that's alittle too little in my opinion. Where did all the gamers go? Where did all the hardcore muggers go? where did all our cosplayers go!?

    Catagories Suggestion
    1) Announcement
    -> Forum News //Announcement by the admin
    -> Bugs/reports //User can voice their forum concerns here
    -> Events //Organizing Chalet? Kaledoscope? Inform every1 here
    -> Rulez //Like duh
    -> Self-Intro //the hajimemashite crap

    2) Visual Arts Society
    -> Animes //Bleh, need me to explain?
    -> Mangas //Ecchi no manga oshietekure!
    -> Designs & Artworks //Want us to CnC your work?
    -> Doujins //Doujin news? Touhou? Your own Doujin?!
    -> Cosplay //Nuff said

    3) General
    -> Chillout corner //TalkCockSingSongPlayMahjong
    -> Music //Music
    -> Movie/TV/Drama //REDCLIFF 2!!
    -> Makan talk //Roti Join mai Hum

    4) School
    -> Mugging Grp //Where to study?!
    -> Let the knowledge be shared! //E=MC^2 or MCC?
    -> Course Experience //Is course #### easy?

    5) Market Place
    -> Notes/Books //reuse old books/notes
    -> Electronics //Got sell ram? PSP? radio?
    -> Manga //Duh
    -> Games //Duh again
    -> Accessories //Bling bling? want?

    More catagories certainly makes the forum more interesting. This way, more ppl will post, sooner or later, more ppl will join the forums to have fun.

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    Re: How to make VAS forum a better place

    Post by Gestaltgeek on Tue Dec 30, 2008 6:02 pm

    Thanks for the feedback! I'd very much like to expand the number of forums, but right now I don't want to make the forums seem even emptier than it is now. So until we get the volume that warrants such a forum expansion, we'll just make do with the number of categories now. In the meantime, it is possible to fit topics unfer your suggested catergories into the exisiting forums for now. (eg. Touhou discussion can go into Anime section, I ain't complainin).


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    Re: How to make VAS forum a better place

    Post by shuupi on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:10 pm

    drag all the seniors to spam the forum! =D makes this forum more lively!! Smile!!

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    Re: How to make VAS forum a better place

    Post by wwy on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:50 pm

    we need to use this forum to actually organise things.... -__-

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    Re: How to make VAS forum a better place

    Post by chibichan on Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:53 am

    hahas, i think now's the right moment to add "Events/Outings" to the general thread so that we don't need to constantly check all the different subcomm threads for outings Very Happy

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    Re: How to make VAS forum a better place

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